Borough Market In London

Borough Market In London

File_000Strolling down the streets of the borough market!

The borough market in London was nothing short of amazing. I heard from friends that they had authentic Fish and Chips and it tastes different from what we could get in Singapore.

My friends and I took the metro and alighted at the London Bridge Underground Station. The borough market is open from 10am to 5pm everyday except on Sundays and most shops are usually open from Wednesdays to Saturdays! The market sells a wide variety of food ranging from fish, meat, vegetables to cheese and pastries. They also sell freshly made food from all over the world! The market tends to be really busy during office hours so do come down earlier if you would like to avoid the crowd.

File_007Spot the massive ostrich eggs! 

File_002First time seeing such a humongous cheese wheel!

File_001 (1)Nothing like hot guys on a hot day 😀 Just kidding! 

File_002 (1)The men i need in my life. Gingerbread men.

File_000 (1)It almost look like it’s twerking

After a longggggg wait, my craving was finally satisfied! The fish was different indeed! I had the beer battered Fish and Chips and it tasted really awesome. The golden brown batter coating was really crispy, but at the same time it wasnt too heavy on the stomach. Inside this delightful shell, the fish was firm and had a certain bite to it, which was different from other softer fish like the Dory which tends to fall apart easily even when fried. Best of all, there wasn’t any fishy taste.

File_001And thats how true love looks like.

File_000 (2)Fresh from the ocean!!!! I think. 

There is definitely so much more food that I could have tried and I wish we had more time (and stomach space) to explore this food market.

Let me know in the comments below if there is any other food that you would like me to try the next time I visit the Borough Market!

With Love,


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