Freebies: Free Live Streaming of Sports Channel

Eleven Sports Network

Cheers to all the Soccer fans/ Tennis fans/ Badminton and Basketball fans! Right now, Eleven Sports Network is giving away FREE live streaming of live matches for 1 month! That’s right! IT’S FREE OF CHARGE FOR 1 WHOLE MONTH!

Read on to find out more!

Eleven Sports Network offers more than 2,500 hours of live coverage of premium sporting events annually. They also have multiple channels across select domestic markets in Belgium, Luxembourg, Poland, Singapore and Taiwan.

Eleven Sports offers 3 channels: Eleven, Eleven Sports and Eleven Plus

Some of you might have heard about Eleven Sports Network only recently after reading the news from the Strait Times in October that they have secured the broadcasting rights of the National Basketball Association (NBA) games in Singapore for the next four seasons, beginning with the 2016-17 season which allows them to televise the regular season, All-Star game, NBA Playoffs, as well as the Conference Finals and Finals.

And right now, as you are reading the blog, they are probably broadcasting the Italian Serie A or the English Premier League (EPL).

Simply follow the instructions below to try the free 1 month trial! It is better to sign up using a computer first!

  1. Go to

  2. Click “Watch live”


3. Click “Purchase”


4. Under the section of monthly pass, click “purchase”

picture25. After typing in your email, name and password, click “Create account”


6. Next, you would see the page below. At the left hand side of the page, key in the promo code: FREEELEVEN and click “Check”

picture117. The amount would then be changed to zero. You would then see this page and you can decide if you wish to donate to the charity organization “play for change”.


Then you would have successfully created an account! You can then download the app onto your mobile devices if you wish to stream from these devices. Just search “11 sports” or “eleven sports” from your Google play store or App store.

So download it and stream your favourite sport! The promo code would just end automatically after a month of free trial! I’m not sure when would this promo code end, so do try it pretty soon in order not to miss this deal!

If you like the live streaming, the month subscription is $19.90 per month if you pay by monthly installment and only $214.90 per annum (with contract)- which is roughly ONLY $17.90 PER MONTH! So it’s a steal and you no longer have to fret over not being able to get home in time to watch your favourite sport!

Share with me how was the live streaming from your mobile devices. Don’t forget to share this with your friends or loved ones!

With Love,


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