How I cured my acne in just 2 months

Journey through my acne

**Warning**, the images below may cause you to puke your breakfast/lunch/dinner out or maybe all 3. So please view it at your own discretion.

I wouldn’t say I had a flawless face to begin with, probably just a pink spot or 2 before period that kind of thing.

This was how I used to look like with no make up before I had acne.

Then I found out there are was an increase in the number of whiteheads. It started with 1, then 2. And because it was super obvious, cause it bulges out, with my itchy hands, I used my fingers to squeeze it! Never did I know, IT MULTIPLIED and SPREAD to the neighbouring parts…

This was how I looked like on 15th April 2016 (which was just a while ago).

It was the most serious acne breakout I had ever gotten thus far.

And as a woman I felt that my self-esteem was being challenged. I lost confidence in my wearing and tried to cover my acne with makeup and looking at makeup tutorials on youtube.

You would have asked me why I didn’t search for home remedies for acne right? BECAUSE I TRIED AND THEY DON’T WORK. At least that’s for me.

If you read a blog that tells you acne can be cured by:

  1. drinking more water
  2. exercise
  3. sleep more

They are most likely trying to **smoke** you!

Well I wouldn’t say they are completely wrong, they are important but they are so duhhhhh. Even my mum can give me such advice and I don’t even have to read blog posts about that. And if acne is SO easily cured, there would be no dermatologist in the world.

So I decided to seek professional help at the national skin centre in Singapore after my friend, Jessica said she used to go there for treatment too. I could have saved some bucks and asked for a referral letter from the polyclinic but I seriously can’t stand myself looking like this in the mirror.

I called and booked an appointment for Dr OON Hwee Boon Hazel and immediately I could see a doctor the following week. After consultation, she prescribed me Benzac AC (benzoyl peroxide) water base gel 2.5% every morning after my skincare regime and a thin layer of Retacnyl every night before I sleep. Take note, you should only apply a thin layer.

The Benzac AC was a bit too harsh for me to apply everyday, so I applied it once every 2-3 days in the morning. These 2 creams did help my acne a little for me to see progress but the only bad thing is that on certain days after applying I would feel a stinging sensation which she already told me beforehand.

After 5 days, this was how I looked like. It was still red, but I had no more white heads. The pimple above my lip is also gone.

After 2 weeks, I went back for consultation and this time the doctor gave me Differin adapalene cream 0.1% which she said I can apply this in the day to replace Benzac AC if I find that harsh. This Differin cream was better I felt, there was no stinging sensation. And I also did a chemical peel session that would lighten up the acne scar.

With my skincare regime and applying the creams religiously everyday. This was how I cool like by mid May. With BB cream on, you could still see some red spots if you look closely. But it is definitely less red than before.

Mid May
End of June

By end June, my acne is almost completely healed. No more spreading, no more bright red kind of spots on my face. What’s left is just the acne scars 😦 for squeezing them and not listening to mummy’s advice.

This is how I look like with totally no makeup on now.


So I am hoping that time will slowly heal my acne scars and “holes”. I’ll update on my blog once I have found a brilliant solution!

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With Love,


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