Hello everyone!

How’s everyone’s preparation for Christmas that is coming in a month’s time? I was busy trying to do some early Christmas shopping on 11.11 and thinking of the gifts to buy for my loved ones ❤

Recently, I went for ASTALIFT’s road show at their third boutique at Nex, the largest mall in the Northeast region of Singapore. Spanning 688 square feet, this shop features the brand’s signature red hue to signify the vibrancy and richness of ASTALIFT.

I must say that I have found many amazing products that I would definitely be considering as a Christmas gift for my family members and friends!

Do you know that ASTALIFT was created by a company that is famous for their films? Have you guessed it? It’s Fujifilm! Fujifilm is well known for not just its film but also its innovation in healthcare, graphic arts, optical devices, highly functional materials and other high-tech areas.



What is so interesting is that ASTALIFT infused nanotechnology and stem cell ingredients into its beauty products! I was particular attracted by their In-Focus Cell active Serum at the road show. The serum glides on the skin easily and it was absorbed into my skin instantly because of its ion sensing technology. This serum protects stem cells from stresses that cause skin damage and ageing, and activates stem cell repair and regeneration that goes beyond the skin. I am also a person who has a weakness towards serums and moisturizers that have a nice scent. This serum has a therapeutic scent as it is made up of Bergamot, Rose, Jasmine and Sandalwood.

I tried a sample from them and after 2 weeks of application on my skin:

  • Improvement in the radiance of my skin
  • Skin felt softer

How it fits into your skincare regime:

  • After the application on your toner, before you put on your moisturizer.



Another interesting item that I saw was the White Perfect UV Clear solution 50 + PA ++++ (30g). This item was recently launched last year and it has always been the best seller of ASTALIFT.  This product is formulated with D-UV Guard to protect the skin against the damaging UVA rays, thereby preventing age spots and freckles. I’m amazed that with just a thin application, there is enough coverage for the face. It also comes with a unique “UV Sensor Cap”, which changes its color when exposed to UV rays that contain “UVA”. You can literally hold up this cap to check for the presence of invisible UV rays.

Watch up for the “dot” of sun block placed on the cap

After shinning torch (light) on it, and removing the “dot” of sun block, the region with the sunblock on it was free from UVA rays (as seen on by the white region).

Really love the packaging and product!

There are also perks of visiting their shop as they have a skin analyser that tells you the condition of your skin and predict what might happen to your skin 20 years later.




My skin analysis

Well, my skin’s age isn’t fantastic that I would say that it is not very bad afterall. However, you can see from the chart on my face that I lack oil and moisture on my skin which means that I have a higher tendency of getting dark spots and wrinkles.

Another product that caught my eye was the Renewal Jelly Aquarysta 40g.

Jelly Aquarysta is an effective mix of collagen and moisturizer. It tried it on and it was easily absorbed into my skin! The texture is slightly thicker than the In-focus serum.


From now onwards, you can visit any of the ASTALIFT’S retail outlets to get a professional skin analysis test plus receive a 3-day sample at any of the following outlets when you quote my name “Veronica”.

  • Wisma Atria (#03-30), Tel: 6238-6386
  • JEM (#01-20) Tel: 6734-8860
  • NEX (#01-70), Tel: 6481-3937

All retail outlets are open from 10am to 10pm daily.

Watch the video for more!

Hurry down to the outlets to try it yourself! Positive vibes 🙂

With Love,






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