Sample Store Shoppers’ Paradise


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Last week I had an amazing time Sample Store’s shoppers’ paradise held at Punggol Waterway Point! The finalists for the Sing! China competition were also there and their voices were heavenly ūüôā

Check out the event highlights!

I was invited to a gathering at the Party Room in Waterway Point.  When I was there, I was really attracted by the decorations! It was super adorable and child friendly as mothers can find hot and cold water dispenser in the kitchen and there is even a changing room and small chairs for young children! It is definitely a great place to hold function events and birthday parties.

The party room is available for booking and you can check out the rental rates below:

Beauty Keeper is platform that provides customers with the chance to get their hands on famous Taiwanese beauty brands.¬†I am glad to have gotten my hands on these goodies from¬†Beauty Keeper and I can’t wait to try them out and review them.

FullSizeRender (2).jpg

I love the LAMSAMYICK brush so much! ūüôā Don’t you just love the design? With this brush, I don’t have to use my hands to apply those masks that do not provide mask sheets. This brush is really gentle on the skin and it helps to spread my facial products evenly! Now I can keep my hands clean!

I love this Lip stick by STARSUKI! This lipstick is Peachy Loverstruck in shade 10. I like its texture and the sweet pink colour!

The other shades available:


I heard this Userism’s DD cream is supper effective!
To check out more of these goodies:
And I also found this new brand- Padeve, that sells Singapore’s first herbal sanitary pads!


Can’t wait to try and review it soon… So stay tuned!




Juscool drinks comes with 6 delicious fruity flavours and its the best choice for a gathering!¬†Will share with you guys what’s my favourite drink out of all soon and also my cocktail recipe with these awesome drinks!


Special shoutout to Sample store for the invite and I can’t wait to attend the next event!


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What to buy and NOT to buy from Taobao / Ezbuy

Hello there! It’s been a while since I last blogged. Today I had a fun time opening up all my christmas gifts and I finally had the chance to do a post about my most recent haul from ezbuy 11.11.

The below comments are just for reference.

My shipment took a really long time than usual due to the overwhelming buys from everyone around the world.

I bought:
1. A microphone loudspeaker
2. A bluetooth earpiece
3. 2 bags
4. some stickers
5. a dress

Even though all of them came eventually came in usable and good condition, I learnt to filter what’s best and not so good to buy from Taobao or ezbuy over the years with my purchase.

What NOT to buy:

1. undergarments and bras / diapers

I feel that these are for hygiene purposes, I wouldn’t attempt to purchase them online without touching the material and know which company they come from. As for bras, since some have different cuts, you wouldn’t be sure whether it would be comfortable for you.

2. Electronic appliances

I wouldn’t recommend anyone to purchase electronic appliances like hand phones,cameras, air fryer, computer etc because firstly, if there is something wrong with it, having it shipped back and fro to be sent for repair would have been too bothersome.

Secondly, the standard voltage in Singapore is 220V/240V, 50 Hz whereas countries like Taiwan, Japan etc uses 110V~130V and 100V, 50/60HZ respectively. Thus, if the appliance you purchase is not able to withstand the standard voltage in Singapore, it may potentially cause a fire or electrocution in the event of residual current or leakage on the casing. And to prevent this, you will have to purchase a suitable transformer to step down to the correct RMS voltage which would cost probably another 50-100 USD.

Well, but you can still do so if you have checked that the product uses the same voltage in Singapore ūüôā And of course I bought mine at a risk…because after comparing the opportunity cost, it is worth the risk.


3. Toys

Well though they seem perfectly normal with our naked eye, a research done on 500 toys and children’s products in 5 Chinese cities showed that almost one in three toys in China contains heavy metals, with one in 10 containing excessive levels of lead. So I think I wouldn’t try and buy them for my niece and nephews.

4. Cosmetics / slimming products or anything edible.

You are not 100% sure of the chemicals used and they are not checked by the relevant agencies in Singapore to prove it safe.

What to buy from Taobao / Ezbuy:

1. Bags

So far I am pretty satisfied with my buys and I purchase them after reading many review on their original site.


2. Accessories-ear rings, necklaces even cufflinks for men.

They can’t go too far in difference¬†from the images.

3. Blouse / Dress

For me I didn’t have an issue with buying blouses and jackets/ sweaters. The cutting is always quite okay. But that’s not the same for pants and shorts. I have a bigger bum and most of the cutting for pants do not cater for that. If you don’t have a very curvy hip etc, you can still purchase them ūüôā


4. Stickers

I like to purchase stickers from them because they are really very very affordable! This is like the holy grail especially for teachers!

5. Shoes

If you don’t have bunion issues like me ūüė¶ and the size of your feet is pretty consistent and most of the time you can fit a single shoe size, then you can give that a shot! So far my friends have given me positive feedback about their buys for shoes. But I personally wouldn’t really recommend because I think a comfortable shoe is really important! So I would rather buy them at a physical shop where I can try and walk around in them.

These are some of my tips for what to buy and what not to buy from Ezbuy/ Taobao. They are not comprehensible and are just for reference ūüôā

Share with me your thoughts about your Taobao / Ezbuy experience!

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Orange is the new Black




Wedges from Charles & Keith | Jumpsuit from Warehouse | Grey Bag from Michael Kors  |

Watch from Daniel Wellington 



This orange jumpsuit is the perfect statement piece for the Christmas and upcoming Lunar New Year. This outfit allows you to play around with the look you wish to achieve. To get for a more feminine and classy look, match your outfit with a structured tote or satchel bag. To create a casual look, you can simply match this outfit with an envelope clutch, crossbody or saddlebag. You can also create a bolder look by topping up with a hot red lipstick like the Mary Jo K Matte liquid lipstick.

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Photo Credits: Henzy David Photography

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Top 5 picks to wear your scarf this Christmas season

Hello there!

Some of you may be heading to countries like Korea/ Japan or countries that are having a winter season in December. So I’m going to share with you my top 5 favourite ways of wearing a scarf with my cardigan or trench coat for the cold¬†season!

In summary, these are the TOP 5 styles I love.

1. The drape over

I call them the drape over. This is simple and nice if your scarf has a very nice design already. A plain tee underneath helps to accentuate its design. You can wear this style for typically any season as well.

The drape over

2. Round the neck

The chocker style. Simple, similar to the first design, but this design can keep your neck warm. More comfy and suitable for the cold weather.

Round the neck

3. The “W” shape

I find this design unique and unlike the first 2 designs where you would have the remaining long scarf still draping over your shoulders, this design keeps the scarf at the top. Perfect match with a long knit dress.

The “W” shape

4. The side scarf

Notice that the scarf is pointing towards one direction. This design is easy to achieve and best of all, fuss free!

The side scarf

5. The tie

This design is the most complicated of all as compared to the others. However, it is still pretty easy to master.

The tie

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Share with me how you match your clothes with any of the designs above. and other styles that I can further explore.

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Great Bargains! @Praisehaven Mega Family Thrift Store Singapore

Praisehaven Mega Family Thrift Store Singapore

As a women who loves shopping, I wish I could have a regular change of wardrobe so that I can¬†put on¬†different outfits for different occasions. However, that thought would burn a deep hole in my wallet, so I wanted to check out if buying clothes¬†from thrift stores would be my solution…

I went to the thrift store located at 500 Upper Bukit Timah Rd, Singapore 678106 after reading many articles about that place. It wasn’t hard to get there when it is only located right next to Hillview MRT station, which you can get there easily by the Downtown Line.


Distinctive structure


Can’t wait to check out what is inside the store!


Christmas decorations

Once you enter the store, you would see many Christmas decoration sold at very affordable prices!


Shopping spree time

They are sorted by types of clothes- like dresses, sweaters, jeans etc instead of colours.

I heard that during normal days, they would receive up to¬†a tonne of clothes per day. Towards the end of the year or near to the Chinese New Year period, they would receive¬† a whopping 3 tonnes of clothes per day! That’s a lot of clothes!

These clothes that you see in the shop have already been filtered twice by the workers. Thus, only those in pristine conditions get to be placed in the store. They would change the clothes on the racks every 3 months and those that are left in the store would be transported overseas.


Really amazed by the condition of the clothes.

Not just clothes, they sell bags, toys, paintings, shoes, guitars, violins, books, kitchen wares, furniture etc. And all at very affordable prices! The blouses and dresses are either priced at $5/$10 and they have some from famous brands like G2000, mds etc.


Nice artwork pieces

I personally think that it’s okay to wear second-hand clothes. I think we are quite privilege to live in Singapore and have the purchasing power to buy many clothes. But¬†sometimes we bought them just to wear it once or twice because we don’t like the design anymore or it just isn’t trendy anymore? I’m guilty¬†of that as well.

We are constantly bombard with advertisements telling us what is the latest fashion¬†trends and all the “must-haves” that makes us to buy, buy and buy. Especially when social media influencers just look SO GOOD¬†on them. This concept of ‘never enough’ is ingrained in us whether we are aware of it or not. Society’s definition of fashion-If you have clothes in your wardrobe that are at least 2 years old, they are probably not in season anymore.

And this fast fashion is creating an environment crisis. Burning these clothes in the incinerators can release toxins into the air. And materials like synthetic fibers, polyester, nylon and acrylic are made using a type of plastic made from petroleum, which will take hundreds, if not a thousand years to biodegrade.

Thus, if you can’t stop the urge of buying clothes, why not consider buying from a thrift store? or simply take up a challenge of not buying any new clothes for a year?

Share with me more about how you feel about his issue and like/share this post if you share the same thought as me! Feel free to comment on some thrift tips as well!

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Pastel Pink


Watch from Daniel Wellington | Blouse from Love Bonito | Shorts from Topazette |

Shoes from Charles and Keith

Love the ribbon on this blouse that gave a sweet touch to this outfit. The shorts from Topazette is really comfy for the humid and hot weather in Singapore. It also has 2 pockets at the sides, which makes it really convenient to slot some stuff like tissue papers etc inside.

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