5 beauty tips every woman should know

Hello there! Today, I am going to share with you the 5 tips that every woman should know and have. I would also be introducing some of the products that I swear by to look my best everyday.

#Tip 1: Always remove your make-up no matter how tired you are


I feel you… I know how it feels when you are just so tired to even get out of bed to bathe after a long day. However, when you do not remove your make-up, you are causing extensive damage to your skin during the night. By having make-up on, you are preventing your skin from renewing itself. A case study even showed that sleeping in your make-up for a month will cause your skin to age by 10 years. :0

#Tip 2: Use a mild/ gentle cleanser to clean your face if you have sensitive skin


Nowadays there are many people with sensitive skin and some products contain certain ingredients that would irritate the skin even further, causing it to itch. I used to have really sensitive skin because of the antibiotics pills I ate to reduce the acne. I tried lots of face cleansers and they were too harsh for my face. It took me a long time to find out what were the brands and products that were suitable for me. What I usually do before buying a facial product is that I would do a patch test on my chin before purchasing the products.

#Tip 3: Never head out of your house without any sunscreen


Sunscreen should be part of your skincare regime if you have not done so! The ozone layer is depleting and you need the sunscreen to shield your body from the harmful rays. Comparing someone who wears sunscreen and someone without will be very significant 10 years down the road. The constant sun exposure will cause premature aging, skin discolouration and brown spots. So sunscreen is a must! And try to avoid the sun in the middle of the day, from about 10 am to 3 pm because the UV Raya are the strongest during this time!

#Tip 4: Exfoliate your lips and prep your lips with lip balm before your lipstick/lipgloss

FullSizeRender (2)

One thing that I recently started doing is to use sugar as an exfoliator for my lips and it’s really a cheap and good substitute. After that, prep your lips with a great lipbalm before applying a lip gloss/ lip stick! This helps to fill in any cracks and even so if you are applying a matte lipstick as this will make it more smooth and even.

#Tip 5: Take supplements for your skin


For me, I drink collagen drinks as it help to rejuvenate my skin. This helps to replenish the collagen lost and retain skin supplenesS.

These are the 5 must-haves that I adopt as part of my beauty regime! Share with me what are your everyday beauty regime as well! I would love to hear from you.

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A Goodnight Sleep with Every Thread Count Bed Linen

Review of Every Thread Count

Has anyone tried to purchase bed linen /bed sheets online before? I truly understand that buying a comfortable set of bed sheet is important because I get annoyed when the bed sheet is too rough or when the material of the bed sheet makes you feel warm at night. It makes things worse when you do not own an air-con at home, like me.

I dreamt of having a nautical theme for my room but I wasn’t sure what kind of bed sheet design would complement or bring out this theme. So recently, I came across this brand, Every Thread Count that sells really nice bed sheet designs and I decided to check them out. When I saw the New Nautical theme bed sheet designs, I knew I had to get my hands on that!





Photo credits: Every Thread Count

Which one do you prefer? I love the Harvey design, so I got that for myself.

Voilà! I have also specially decorated my room to match the theme!

forth picture.jpg

The bed sheet has deep pockets so the corners won’t slip off your mattress at night if you tend to toss and turn in your sleep.

I really love the texture of the bed sheet because it is really smooth! It’s by far the most comfy bedsheet I have ever purchased.  And because they are made using breathable fabric, I didn’t feel warm at night at all and I have a good sleep every night 🙂

Once you sleep on it, you will know what I mean! I think it was worth every dollar I have spent and the quality is really hard to beat!

They have specially offered a 20% discount to all my readers!


Simply key in the Promo Code: CD04 during your check out!


You can click on the links below for more details:

Website: http://www.everythreadcount.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EveryThreadCounts/

Instagram: http://instagram.com/everythreadcount

Don’t forget to share this good news with your loved ones! 🙂


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Smooth skin secrets with Beauty Keeper

Beauty Keeper

Recently, I received a whole big box of beauty products from the Beauty Keeper and I am SO in love with them!




I’m gonna show you some of great products I have used thus far!

1. Mdmmd Upra® Age Delay Revive Toner


If you love to watch korean dramas like me, I sure you would often think about why the koreans look so much younger than their actual age!

And of course it boils down to their skincare routine. I found out that the toner you use for your face is actually very important because it does not only prepare you for your next skincare routine, it also helps to balance your skin’s pH level.

This toner that I have recently tried is THE BEST. After applying for close to 2 weeks consecutively, I could see that an obvious improvement in my skin’s radiance and tone. It doesn’t look as dull as before before makeup. I have also tried it on my mum and I could see a very obvious change in her skin. My mum has fine lines on her forehead which is quite obvious when she doesn’t apply any moisturiser on her face but after adding this step into her daily skincare routine, there were lesser fine fines than before and the skin looks brighter as well! So I am pretty satisfied and amazed by the result thus far!

This product is also largely advertised by the Taiwan celebrities as a skincare product not to be missed.



2. Crisstar Hydrationist Energy Aqua Essential Gel


The second product that I have tried thus far is the Crisstar Hydrationist Energy Aqua Essential Gel. Personally, if you realise, I like to go for skincare products that helps to hydrate my skin because by keeping a hydrated skin, it prevents the formation of fine lines and premature ageing of skin. This next product I have tried not only helps to keep my skin moisturised, it also contains Glycosyl trehalose which helps to to whiten and prevent premature ageing of skin.

I would usually apply this gel after my tonner and the last I checked, it was able to keep my skin moisturised for up till roughly 8 hours. If I had to be indoor the whole day with air-con, I would top it up with my Bioderma dermatological water.

All these aforementioned product, you can purchase them from Beauty Keeper:

Mdmmd Upra ® Age Delay Revive Toner: http://www.beautykeeper.com/shop_detail_page.php?category_id=20&product_id=13

CRISSTAR Hydrationist Energy Aqua Essential Gel: http://www.beauty-keeper.com/shop_detail_page.php?category_id=13&product_id=5

The Beauty Keeper has a range of beauty products from Taiwan and all of these products are mostly the top sellers and products that are very well received. So you can’t go wrong with these products!

A good skincare product is important but starting a skincare routine when you are still young is even more important! So start a skincare regime now if you have not started!

Share with me your thoughts and keep me updated with if have tried these products!

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8 signs you’re dating a guy that is very secure


It’s past midnight and I am penning some thoughts about my experience of dating my boyfriend for the past 2 years. Entering a relationship is like entering a dense forest, it may leave you perplexed and lost or you can learn to find the peace and tranquillity that the nature offers…

How do you know that you are dating a guy that is very secured?

1. Freedom.

You get all the freedom and space if you are attached. He knows that this relationship is a commitment that both of you have made to one another and he trusts that the both of you will commit to that decision.

2. Trust

He trusts you and he is totally fine with you hanging out with your friends. Even guy friends because he knows that he can trust you and he knows that you know what you are doing.

3. He is independent and confident about his own self-image

He is not someone who would bug you for not texting him at all for the entire day because he understands that you must have been busy with stuff. He dresses well but does not ask for a second opinion from you because he is just confident about the choices he has made.

He knows where he wants to lead you in this relationship and you don’t have to worry whether his feeling for you will suddenly change and whether this relationship will still exist next year.

4. He is very busy carving out his career but doesn’t forget to support yours.

While he is chasing his dreams and working hard for the future with you, he does not forget about you. He is supportive of your visions and dreams and motivates you when you want to give up just because it is not easy. You are both committed to succeed together not just in your relationship but every other aspect of life.

5. He is self-motivated and he doesn’t really need you to be spur him own.

He reads and attends courses to hone his skills and takes pride in the saying that “learning doesn’t stop when you finish university”. You don’t have to motivate him to study or do something about his life because he KNOWS what he is doing.

6. His conversation with you is 70-80% serious stuff.

His conversation with you is either factual/ inspiring/ thought-provoking or motivating. He doesn’t waste time talking about how roses are sweet and violets are blue but motivating you to be better than the old you a year ago.

7. He loves to be a problem-solver.

He loves to help you and give you his opinion on any tricky situation you face.

8. He treats you with respect and not as a possession that he owns.

He doesn’t boss you around and control you like his possession but treats each moment spent with you as a blessing, even if it is just spending an hour train ride home with you, a short run in the morning on weekends or a meal.

Of course there are still times that my boyfriend and I argue over differing viewpoints, but I love how this quote always encourages me to count my blessings and treasure my loved ones, the people that God has specially placed in my life.

“Life is too short to argue and fight. Count your blessings, value your love ones and move on with your head held high.”

Share with me your thoughts and don’t forget to tag or comment about a friend who is just like that!

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Photography: Henzy David Photography

Coat: Love Bonito

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