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I’m back again, this time to talk about what I am disappointed with the new HDBs.

I’ve reached the age where I would go for my friends’ house warming and I have many friends who purchased BTOs. I must say that the layout of the houses now have improved. There has been improvement in designs such as incorporating the dining area into the living room, which is something I really love because I like to watch the TV while eating my dinner 🙂 The service yard is also further away from the kitchen now so that laundry would not be affected by cooking fumes.  The common toilet has also been relocated from inside the kitchen to a location nearer to the bedrooms for the convenience of the children and also guests coming to the house.

However, what I am really disappointed is the design of the metal bars for the hanging of clothes and the service yard in the HDBs now. Many of my friends do not have a service yard, so they could only hang their clothes on the metal bars outside of their home. They were complaining to me that there were only 3 short metal bars which meant that the hanging of bed sheet was impossible.

Moreover, as they were lined horizontally and parallel to the wall, the clothes that were nearest to the wall did not receive as much sunlight as compared to the clothes that were hanged furthest from the wall, which means that clothes nearest to the wall would take the longest to dry. This problem is similar to the ones with the service yards as well, just that at least they have longer poles to hang more clothes.

While trying to help my newly-wed friends who have just moved into their new BTOs to solve this problem, I got to know about this brand- Steigen, where they came out with an  efficient solution to indoor drying conundrums.


Now homeowners can dry their clothes without any hassle of worrying that their clothes will not be dried in time for the next day or there is not enough space to dry the big items like bed linens and blanket covers.

I went to the company to check out and test out their products.


Currently, they have 4 automated laundry system.


My favourite is the Exalt+ Solar because as you can see from the specs, there is twice the number of fans and heater which shortens the average drying duration to just mere 1-2 hours!


I think that if you are really considering an indoor automated drying system, it is a MUST to choose one that has the heat technology, if not, the average drying duration is still going to be pretty long!

There is a built-in heating technology to drive heat throughout laundry to allow clothes to dry evenly.

steigen 3

It is also customizable to fit HDBs with smaller yards. It is elderly friendly as it is very easy to operate and they  no longer have to hang their clothes on a bamboo pole and stretch out of the window to dry the clothes under the sun.


The remote device is also battery-operated for easy control. It can also be mounted anywhere in the house, even on the fridge!


It is also obstacle friendly as the system will come to a stop if they detect an obstacle (like hitting my head accidentally).


Now you might think that how is this different from using a dryer? This Exalt + Solar operates with only 0.9 kWh of energy, which is more energy efficient. Not only that, it eliminates 99.9% of bacteria and prevents musty odour (which always happens to me when I have to dry my clothes indoor during rainy days).

steigen 2.png

I have summarized the benefits of the Exalt + Solar system:

  1. Safe and effortless lifting of the laundry with the touch of a button.
  2. Can lift up to 35kg of clothes.
  3. Energy saving and cost efficient (It uses 550-1100 Watts of electricity, which is only $3.60 per month!)
  4. High quality (using German designed motor with reinforced hanger rods)
  5. Average drying time: 1-2 hours only
  6. Eliminates 99.9% of bacteria and prevents musty odour.

Who needs this Exalt + Solar system?

  1. People who are economical and environmentally friendly as they is definitely better than a tumble dryer.
  2. Working adults who can only do their laundry at night
  3. Those with aging/ elderly parents or senior citizens who are face issues with lifting heavy laundry
  4. People with a large family as the system can handle heavy weight of the clothes.

For my readers, there is a $50 discount upon checkout if you apply the discount code “STEIGEN50”. I’m definitely going to introduce this to my friends to solve their clothes drying problems! This is a MUST-HAVES for those who are looking to renovate their homes as well, why not incorporate this as part of the interior design?

If you are interest to find out more about this product/ you would like to make a purchase, you can check out the link below:


This is how it looks like when it’s operated:

For more information about this product on social media:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SteigenSingapore/

Instagram: @steigensg

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Great Bargains! @Praisehaven Mega Family Thrift Store Singapore

Praisehaven Mega Family Thrift Store Singapore

As a women who loves shopping, I wish I could have a regular change of wardrobe so that I can put on different outfits for different occasions. However, that thought would burn a deep hole in my wallet, so I wanted to check out if buying clothes from thrift stores would be my solution…

I went to the thrift store located at 500 Upper Bukit Timah Rd, Singapore 678106 after reading many articles about that place. It wasn’t hard to get there when it is only located right next to Hillview MRT station, which you can get there easily by the Downtown Line.


Distinctive structure


Can’t wait to check out what is inside the store!


Christmas decorations

Once you enter the store, you would see many Christmas decoration sold at very affordable prices!


Shopping spree time

They are sorted by types of clothes- like dresses, sweaters, jeans etc instead of colours.

I heard that during normal days, they would receive up to a tonne of clothes per day. Towards the end of the year or near to the Chinese New Year period, they would receive  a whopping 3 tonnes of clothes per day! That’s a lot of clothes!

These clothes that you see in the shop have already been filtered twice by the workers. Thus, only those in pristine conditions get to be placed in the store. They would change the clothes on the racks every 3 months and those that are left in the store would be transported overseas.


Really amazed by the condition of the clothes.

Not just clothes, they sell bags, toys, paintings, shoes, guitars, violins, books, kitchen wares, furniture etc. And all at very affordable prices! The blouses and dresses are either priced at $5/$10 and they have some from famous brands like G2000, mds etc.


Nice artwork pieces

I personally think that it’s okay to wear second-hand clothes. I think we are quite privilege to live in Singapore and have the purchasing power to buy many clothes. But sometimes we bought them just to wear it once or twice because we don’t like the design anymore or it just isn’t trendy anymore? I’m guilty of that as well.

We are constantly bombard with advertisements telling us what is the latest fashion trends and all the “must-haves” that makes us to buy, buy and buy. Especially when social media influencers just look SO GOOD on them. This concept of ‘never enough’ is ingrained in us whether we are aware of it or not. Society’s definition of fashion-If you have clothes in your wardrobe that are at least 2 years old, they are probably not in season anymore.

And this fast fashion is creating an environment crisis. Burning these clothes in the incinerators can release toxins into the air. And materials like synthetic fibers, polyester, nylon and acrylic are made using a type of plastic made from petroleum, which will take hundreds, if not a thousand years to biodegrade.

Thus, if you can’t stop the urge of buying clothes, why not consider buying from a thrift store? or simply take up a challenge of not buying any new clothes for a year?

Share with me more about how you feel about his issue and like/share this post if you share the same thought as me! Feel free to comment on some thrift tips as well!

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Children Little Museum Singapore

Kampong Glam

Took a ride down to Bugis MRT station after my exams today and I wanted to explore what Kampong Glam has to offer. The Malay word “Kampung” means village in English. This place used to be allocated by Sir Stamford Raffles in 1822 to the Malay community, Arabs and bugis traders.

The first architecture structure that caught my eye was this Sultan Mosque also known as the Masjid Sultan. It looks really magnificent.


Distinctive golden dome-shaped top


Stole a shot at its gate

While exploring down the street of Bussorah, I found this really quaint shop and museum, known as the Children Little Museum with many retro stuff like toys that kids in the 1970s used to play.


Greeted by this robot outside the shop.


Check out this retro Vespa bike

The shop keeper, Mr. Ann was really kind and allowed me to snap many pictures inside the museum.



Fulfilled my dream as a singing diva for a day.


They even have this retro sofa at the backyard!


Peranakan ceramic wares. Reminds me of the Little Nyonya by Mediacorp.


Do I look more like a Nyonya with this Kebaya?


 They sell Sarees too, other than the Kebaya.


I have also learnt a trick or two on the different ways you can tie a saree.


 The dress on the mannequin beside me was sewn by Mr. Ann himself!

Enough of introduction about the level 1 of this museum. Let me show you its level 2. It costs only $2 and you get to see many antiques and reminisce how life could be like in the past!



Walk up the stairs that brings you back to the past.


“ALL MINE”HAHA because Ah Seng is my father’s name. What a coincidence!


They even show you how does school looks like in the past. Looks 100% legit.


This was how a makeshift street barber shop looks like in the past.


HMM… what hairstyle should I cut?


I love how unique these items are. It must be really hard to collect and find these items these days.



Drink stall girl for a day?


Exciting museum isn’t it?

This Children Little Museum is located at 42 Bussorah Street, a few shops beside the Sultan Mosque. Definitely a museum not to be missed! Just $2 for so much fun! Fun as a dating spot and an outing as a family to reminisce the good ol’ days!

Share with me how was your experience at the museum, would be glad to hear about your trip!

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