Saturday brunch at Level 33


Headed down to level 33 for a Saturday brunch. I was really excited how the food would taste and the awesome view that awaits!

Level 33 is famous for their craft brew and their Wheat Beer are brewed based on heritage recipes applying state-of-the-art technology by SALM & Co GmbH, one of Europe’s oldest manufacturer of breweries. They are located at level 33 of the Marina Bay Financial Centre (MBFC) Tower 1, the heart of the business district.

When I wanted to take the lift up to the restaurant, I realize that once you press the button to go to level 33 from the outside, you don’t have to press it again inside the lift. There is practically no buttons inside the lift!


Freshly brewed beer.

Once you reach the restaurant, you will be greeted with their friendly waiter/waitress and the next thing you would see is their gigantic copper brew house kettles.


Copper Brew House Kettles



Foie gras, for all the fois gras lovers.


img_3131We had a buffet spread to choose from.

The buffet table was too long to capture with my camera 🙂 but I really love their sweet treats display.


We ordered the wheat beer to try. Tasted really smooth.


Satisfied faces.


Smoked salmon! My favourite.

We went out for a short walk to see the views before desert time.

The view outside was pretty breath taking. You can overlook the different financial institutions, the Singapore Flyer (Ferris wheel ), the esplanade, The Float (Marina Bay floating platform), the Marina Bay Sand (MBS) and the Marina Bay Sand hotel. Pretty sure the night view would be quite awesome as well when they are lighted up.


You can choose to sit at the high chairs outside as well for the views.



How could we resist some sweet treats!


Calories and sugar overload, but its worth it! 🙂


Nom Nom… Munch Munch…

The price for this buffet is worth it for its food, brewery and the amazing views! Great location for birthday or anniversary celebrations.

Share with me your views about this place and their food!

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Guide to planning a 21st Birthday Party on a budget

Birthday Parties



Fretting over the your 21st birthday party or the birthday party for your newborn?

Fret not, because I’ll share with you a tip or 2 in organizing a birthday party from my experience 🙂

I have always dream of having a birthday party that is surrounded by my loved ones. So it feels really great to finally realize this dream on my 21st birthday! Because I was determined to make this party a success, and to have everything I had dreamt of, I knew I had to do some serious planning early in order not to freak myself out as the date draws near…

Essentials for planning a birthday party:

  1. Plan in advance (preferably 6 months in advance)

It is always great to start early so that once you have a rough idea of what you want, you can start sourcing for them and look out for bargains *Winks*

Moreover, if you are thinking of holding the party in some function room or even hotels etc, you might have to book in advance and I think 6 months would do the job.

2. Have a To-Do-List:

“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.” Benjamin Franklin

Thus, that pretty much sums up why this to-do-list is so important. Together with the help of my boyfriend, we planned out the things that needs to be done and the timeline that those things needs to be confirmed by/ done with.

Things like:

a) The budget for this party

b) The date/day of the party

c) The list of people I am going to invite

d) The venue of the party

Then you can go on to the more detailed planning:

e) The theme of the party

f) The design of the cake

h) Food catering

i) Decorations for the party

j) Photo booth (optional)

k) Goodie bags (optional)

l) And essentially WHERE to get/buy all these deco items

Venue/day (~$10)

So I have decided to use a condo function room that was near my house and it’s very affordable too, like $5-10? I have also decided to hold the party on a Sunday night because most of my friends have commitments over the weekends and they are more free on Sunday nights. So, the day of your party should take into considerations these factors as well, if you wish for them to attend your party 🙂








I decided to have a pastel/pink theme so my balloons, cake and deserts have this tinge of pink element. It took me quite awhile to decide upon this theme!


Food (~700) for 80 pax

Some things you just got a spend a little more to beautify and add a plus point to the party! I had a desert table which contributed as part of my photograph booth as well. This concept of a desert table is very popular in the recent years and they help to bring out the entire theme of the party. I hired Mister & Mrs to do up the desert table for me with the specific deserts I wanted, together with the birthday cake. It was splendid! Saved me the hassle on sourcing different deserts and cake to match my theme. The food was really awesome and my friends had fun eating and decorating their own “ice-cream muffin” at my desert table.






Decorations (~$45)

I wanted a really popz deco that would look grand and at the same time, save costs. So I began looking online through websites like Taobao, Daiso, ArtFriend etc. but I couldn’t find something that had the “wow” element. Then I chanced upon the idea of using balloons for my party and found Partywholesale that had really nice balloons as backdrop, matches my theme and very affordable! So I purchased it right away.

With that being said, because it was affordable, I had the help of many friends in order to pump finish all the balloons for the party and it took us like 1-1.5 hours for the decorations.



Photography (~$150)

I hired Henzy David Photography to capture the beautiful moments of the party. It’s really once in a lifetime you get to celebrate your 21st right? So I had to document these precious moments down. Henzy did a really awesome job in capturing many candid moments of the party!


This is Henzy, my awesome photographer!



My lovely and spontaneous guitarist Leon


Emcee ($0)

I think the party would be very boring if it is just filled with food and picture taking, so I “hired” my dear boyfriend as the emcee/host for my party and he came out with a few games to keep the party fun. I also put up a song for my lovely guests that took time to come for my party.



Total Cost: ~$905

So I think the only way you can cut major costs is on food. So choose your caterer wisely! And always cater roughly 15-20 pax under your estimated total attendance! (Based on past experience) because your friends are most likely not going to eat A LOT!

The party turned out a success, thanks to my friends and family members that helped to put many things together too! Really not a feat to organizing a birthday party but I enjoyed planning everything and seeing it come to past! So, don’t fret if you are facing difficulties organizing a birthday party or if you have run out of creative ideas for the party! I think its worth investing in a birthday party organizer if you are not too sure of what you really want!

Rule of thumb: Plan early, save Money!

Share with me how you managed to plan your birthday party in the end! I hope this blog has given you a better idea what you need to plan for the party!

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