Bubble tea can soothe the throat?

Hello there!

Today I am going to share with you my review for this bubble tea brand – Woobbee.

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Once in a while I would crave for sweet drinks and there is nothing more satisfying than finding a drink that not just quenches my thirst but satisfies my taste buds.

I heard about Woobbee from my friends and decided to drop by their outlet at Shaw Tower to try out the different drinks they offer with some of my closest friends.

I really like the idea how all their drinks are made using raw sugar, which is slightly healthier than the processed white sugar.

FullSizeRender (2).jpg

Their drinks ranges from flavoured teas, milk teas, yakult and yogurt drink, coffee and cocoa drinks to more unconventional drinks like Ginger Latte, Almond Milk Grass Jelly and Citron Honey Aloe.


The first drink that caught my eye when I was there was the Herbal Mint Milk Tea (Pei Pa Kao)! And of course, I ordered that while my friends tried their signature drinks like Fresh Milk Earl Grey, Wintermelon Grassjelly and Fresh Juice Apple Yakult.

I chose the Herbal Mint Milk Tea because I was really curious how the drink would taste like. Moreover, my throat wasn’t feeling too well that day so I was secretly hoping that this drink would ease the discomfort.


And WOW the taste was amazing. Hands down. I’m a person who loves mint, so I was totally won over by that drink!

That drink was really quite legit… it soothed my throat after a few hours.

Can I drink you every day?

For the “first time in forever”, I was pretty early (please don’t judge haha >.<)

Woobbee was a nice and cozy place for me to browse through magazines and chill while waiting for my friends to arrive!




The Garlic with Cheese Toast was the real deal man. My friends and I ordered like 3 or 4 plates of it. I’m serious-confession of a cheese lover.





Best friends know how crazy you are and still choose to be seen with you in public.


I had awesome food and company over at Woobbee, how about you? Share with me more by leaving a comment below!

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Cash-strapped student’s guide to Penang

Penang- George Town

Hello everyone!

I’m back to share with you how I planned my trip to Penang and of course the “MUST-HAVE” food in Penang! I’ve always heard of how Penang is a food heaven to people who live by the “live to eat” philosophy. So I was super excited to plan a 4 days and 3 nights trip to Penang to check this out!


There are many different ways to get to Penang, you can take a bus, train, car or by the airplane, of course I chose the airplane. Ain’t nobody got time to sit so long just to get to my destination. For such short distance trip, I would usually use Skyscanner and google flights to compare the price of different flights because sometimes skyscanner may not have all the flights compared. In Singapore, after flying with the different budget airlines like Tigerair, Scoot, Jetstar, I would say that they are quite identical, maybe just a slight difference in the kind of service you receive. But as for leg room and seats, they  are just the same. So SQ (although they are super awesome), they are out of the question for a cash-strapped student.

So I booked AirAsia and it costs me like $47 for round tickets! (btw I flew in June) It took me only 1 hour and 20 minutes to reach there.


I stayed at David relative’s place which is in Georgetown, the center of all the hype. But nonetheless, even if I were to go alone, I checked that the hostel in Georgetown is only $22 SGD for 3 nights from bookings.com (WITH FREE BREAKFAST).




1. Penang Asam Laksa (3.5-4RM)


Kim’s Laksa @ Balik Pulau

2. Char Kway Teow (RM4-5.50)


Jalan Siam’s Char Kway Teow

3. Satay


4. Kway Chap


5. Nasi Kandar (Unofficial food mascot of Penang)


Restoran Deen

The gravy is the besttttttt.

Places to go

1. Chew Jetty




2. Street Art

This is a link that can show you where all the murals are: www.tourismpenang.net.my/pdf/streetart-brochure.pdf

But if you were to rent a bicycle like me(~Rm 8-10), the shop would give you a physical map that would tell you where to head to for these murals! Tip: Go in the early morning to avoid the queue and THE SUNNNNN!!!






3. Penang Peranakan Mansion

(RM 20 for adults, free for children below 6 years old)





4. Snake Temple (free)


But I paid RM 40 to take 2 shots and they would give you a photo frame for it.

I look okay on the outside but deep inside I was FREAKING OUT. So anyway, I took these pictures for me to remember this trip…


It took me a longgggg while to get the shot above. The pictures below were taken before the above shot.

Photo 1: Bear with it girl… smile…


Photo 2: The snake could sense my nervousness, so his head tilted and is trying to grip David tighter


Photo 3: The snake’s tail went below my arm!!! I’m gone…


The snake keepers kept ensuring me that the snake is kind, and he wouldn’t bite/ his bite wouldn’t kill because they had took out the venom in them. And the snake only feed on cooked meat!? Still, it was a pretty unique experience!

5. Penang Botanical Garden


A variety of plants here.


Look at the cute mini cacti of different colours!


And I managed to see monkeys at such a near distance!

Hope you enjoyed this cash-strapped student’s guide to Penang and share with m your travelling experience to Penang!

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Saturday brunch at Level 33


Headed down to level 33 for a Saturday brunch. I was really excited how the food would taste and the awesome view that awaits!

Level 33 is famous for their craft brew and their Wheat Beer are brewed based on heritage recipes applying state-of-the-art technology by SALM & Co GmbH, one of Europe’s oldest manufacturer of breweries. They are located at level 33 of the Marina Bay Financial Centre (MBFC) Tower 1, the heart of the business district.

When I wanted to take the lift up to the restaurant, I realize that once you press the button to go to level 33 from the outside, you don’t have to press it again inside the lift. There is practically no buttons inside the lift!


Freshly brewed beer.

Once you reach the restaurant, you will be greeted with their friendly waiter/waitress and the next thing you would see is their gigantic copper brew house kettles.


Copper Brew House Kettles



Foie gras, for all the fois gras lovers.


img_3131We had a buffet spread to choose from.

The buffet table was too long to capture with my camera 🙂 but I really love their sweet treats display.


We ordered the wheat beer to try. Tasted really smooth.


Satisfied faces.


Smoked salmon! My favourite.

We went out for a short walk to see the views before desert time.

The view outside was pretty breath taking. You can overlook the different financial institutions, the Singapore Flyer (Ferris wheel ), the esplanade, The Float (Marina Bay floating platform), the Marina Bay Sand (MBS) and the Marina Bay Sand hotel. Pretty sure the night view would be quite awesome as well when they are lighted up.


You can choose to sit at the high chairs outside as well for the views.



How could we resist some sweet treats!


Calories and sugar overload, but its worth it! 🙂


Nom Nom… Munch Munch…

The price for this buffet is worth it for its food, brewery and the amazing views! Great location for birthday or anniversary celebrations.

Share with me your views about this place and their food!

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Borough Market In London

Borough Market In London

File_000Strolling down the streets of the borough market!

The borough market in London was nothing short of amazing. I heard from friends that they had authentic Fish and Chips and it tastes different from what we could get in Singapore.

My friends and I took the metro and alighted at the London Bridge Underground Station. The borough market is open from 10am to 5pm everyday except on Sundays and most shops are usually open from Wednesdays to Saturdays! The market sells a wide variety of food ranging from fish, meat, vegetables to cheese and pastries. They also sell freshly made food from all over the world! The market tends to be really busy during office hours so do come down earlier if you would like to avoid the crowd.

File_007Spot the massive ostrich eggs! 

File_002First time seeing such a humongous cheese wheel!

File_001 (1)Nothing like hot guys on a hot day 😀 Just kidding! 

File_002 (1)The men i need in my life. Gingerbread men.

File_000 (1)It almost look like it’s twerking

After a longggggg wait, my craving was finally satisfied! The fish was different indeed! I had the beer battered Fish and Chips and it tasted really awesome. The golden brown batter coating was really crispy, but at the same time it wasnt too heavy on the stomach. Inside this delightful shell, the fish was firm and had a certain bite to it, which was different from other softer fish like the Dory which tends to fall apart easily even when fried. Best of all, there wasn’t any fishy taste.

File_001And thats how true love looks like.

File_000 (2)Fresh from the ocean!!!! I think. 

There is definitely so much more food that I could have tried and I wish we had more time (and stomach space) to explore this food market.

Let me know in the comments below if there is any other food that you would like me to try the next time I visit the Borough Market!

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