A Goodnight Sleep with Every Thread Count Bed Linen

Review of Every Thread Count

Has anyone tried to purchase bed linen /bed sheets online before? I truly understand that buying a comfortable set of bed sheet is important because I get annoyed when the bed sheet is too rough or when the material of the bed sheet makes you feel warm at night. It makes things worse when you do not own an air-con at home, like me.

I dreamt of having a nautical theme for my room but I wasn’t sure what kind of bed sheet design would complement or bring out this theme. So recently, I came across this brand, Every Thread Count that sells really nice bed sheet designs and I decided to check them out. When I saw the New Nautical theme bed sheet designs, I knew I had to get my hands on that!





Photo credits: Every Thread Count

Which one do you prefer? I love the Harvey design, so I got that for myself.

Voilà! I have also specially decorated my room to match the theme!

forth picture.jpg

The bed sheet has deep pockets so the corners won’t slip off your mattress at night if you tend to toss and turn in your sleep.

I really love the texture of the bed sheet because it is really smooth! It’s by far the most comfy bedsheet I have ever purchased.  And because they are made using breathable fabric, I didn’t feel warm at night at all and I have a good sleep every night 🙂

Once you sleep on it, you will know what I mean! I think it was worth every dollar I have spent and the quality is really hard to beat!

They have specially offered a 20% discount to all my readers!


Simply key in the Promo Code: CD04 during your check out!


You can click on the links below for more details:

Website: http://www.everythreadcount.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EveryThreadCounts/

Instagram: http://instagram.com/everythreadcount

Don’t forget to share this good news with your loved ones! 🙂


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Cash-strapped student’s guide to Penang

Penang- George Town

Hello everyone!

I’m back to share with you how I planned my trip to Penang and of course the “MUST-HAVE” food in Penang! I’ve always heard of how Penang is a food heaven to people who live by the “live to eat” philosophy. So I was super excited to plan a 4 days and 3 nights trip to Penang to check this out!


There are many different ways to get to Penang, you can take a bus, train, car or by the airplane, of course I chose the airplane. Ain’t nobody got time to sit so long just to get to my destination. For such short distance trip, I would usually use Skyscanner and google flights to compare the price of different flights because sometimes skyscanner may not have all the flights compared. In Singapore, after flying with the different budget airlines like Tigerair, Scoot, Jetstar, I would say that they are quite identical, maybe just a slight difference in the kind of service you receive. But as for leg room and seats, they  are just the same. So SQ (although they are super awesome), they are out of the question for a cash-strapped student.

So I booked AirAsia and it costs me like $47 for round tickets! (btw I flew in June) It took me only 1 hour and 20 minutes to reach there.


I stayed at David relative’s place which is in Georgetown, the center of all the hype. But nonetheless, even if I were to go alone, I checked that the hostel in Georgetown is only $22 SGD for 3 nights from bookings.com (WITH FREE BREAKFAST).




1. Penang Asam Laksa (3.5-4RM)


Kim’s Laksa @ Balik Pulau

2. Char Kway Teow (RM4-5.50)


Jalan Siam’s Char Kway Teow

3. Satay


4. Kway Chap


5. Nasi Kandar (Unofficial food mascot of Penang)


Restoran Deen

The gravy is the besttttttt.

Places to go

1. Chew Jetty




2. Street Art

This is a link that can show you where all the murals are: www.tourismpenang.net.my/pdf/streetart-brochure.pdf

But if you were to rent a bicycle like me(~Rm 8-10), the shop would give you a physical map that would tell you where to head to for these murals! Tip: Go in the early morning to avoid the queue and THE SUNNNNN!!!






3. Penang Peranakan Mansion

(RM 20 for adults, free for children below 6 years old)





4. Snake Temple (free)


But I paid RM 40 to take 2 shots and they would give you a photo frame for it.

I look okay on the outside but deep inside I was FREAKING OUT. So anyway, I took these pictures for me to remember this trip…


It took me a longgggg while to get the shot above. The pictures below were taken before the above shot.

Photo 1: Bear with it girl… smile…


Photo 2: The snake could sense my nervousness, so his head tilted and is trying to grip David tighter


Photo 3: The snake’s tail went below my arm!!! I’m gone…


The snake keepers kept ensuring me that the snake is kind, and he wouldn’t bite/ his bite wouldn’t kill because they had took out the venom in them. And the snake only feed on cooked meat!? Still, it was a pretty unique experience!

5. Penang Botanical Garden


A variety of plants here.


Look at the cute mini cacti of different colours!


And I managed to see monkeys at such a near distance!

Hope you enjoyed this cash-strapped student’s guide to Penang and share with m your travelling experience to Penang!

With Love,


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Guide to free samples!

Free Samples

Hello everyone!

Recently I tried this service provided by sample store, which has allowed me to have many different samples that I can try before purchasing them from a physical store.

Check out my video for more details:


Happy choosing!

With Love,


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What to buy and NOT to buy from Taobao / Ezbuy

Hello there! It’s been a while since I last blogged. Today I had a fun time opening up all my christmas gifts and I finally had the chance to do a post about my most recent haul from ezbuy 11.11.

The below comments are just for reference.

My shipment took a really long time than usual due to the overwhelming buys from everyone around the world.

I bought:
1. A microphone loudspeaker
2. A bluetooth earpiece
3. 2 bags
4. some stickers
5. a dress

Even though all of them came eventually came in usable and good condition, I learnt to filter what’s best and not so good to buy from Taobao or ezbuy over the years with my purchase.

What NOT to buy:

1. undergarments and bras / diapers

I feel that these are for hygiene purposes, I wouldn’t attempt to purchase them online without touching the material and know which company they come from. As for bras, since some have different cuts, you wouldn’t be sure whether it would be comfortable for you.

2. Electronic appliances

I wouldn’t recommend anyone to purchase electronic appliances like hand phones,cameras, air fryer, computer etc because firstly, if there is something wrong with it, having it shipped back and fro to be sent for repair would have been too bothersome.

Secondly, the standard voltage in Singapore is 220V/240V, 50 Hz whereas countries like Taiwan, Japan etc uses 110V~130V and 100V, 50/60HZ respectively. Thus, if the appliance you purchase is not able to withstand the standard voltage in Singapore, it may potentially cause a fire or electrocution in the event of residual current or leakage on the casing. And to prevent this, you will have to purchase a suitable transformer to step down to the correct RMS voltage which would cost probably another 50-100 USD.

Well, but you can still do so if you have checked that the product uses the same voltage in Singapore 🙂 And of course I bought mine at a risk…because after comparing the opportunity cost, it is worth the risk.


3. Toys

Well though they seem perfectly normal with our naked eye, a research done on 500 toys and children’s products in 5 Chinese cities showed that almost one in three toys in China contains heavy metals, with one in 10 containing excessive levels of lead. So I think I wouldn’t try and buy them for my niece and nephews.

4. Cosmetics / slimming products or anything edible.

You are not 100% sure of the chemicals used and they are not checked by the relevant agencies in Singapore to prove it safe.

What to buy from Taobao / Ezbuy:

1. Bags

So far I am pretty satisfied with my buys and I purchase them after reading many review on their original site.


2. Accessories-ear rings, necklaces even cufflinks for men.

They can’t go too far in difference from the images.

3. Blouse / Dress

For me I didn’t have an issue with buying blouses and jackets/ sweaters. The cutting is always quite okay. But that’s not the same for pants and shorts. I have a bigger bum and most of the cutting for pants do not cater for that. If you don’t have a very curvy hip etc, you can still purchase them 🙂


4. Stickers

I like to purchase stickers from them because they are really very very affordable! This is like the holy grail especially for teachers!

5. Shoes

If you don’t have bunion issues like me 😦 and the size of your feet is pretty consistent and most of the time you can fit a single shoe size, then you can give that a shot! So far my friends have given me positive feedback about their buys for shoes. But I personally wouldn’t really recommend because I think a comfortable shoe is really important! So I would rather buy them at a physical shop where I can try and walk around in them.

These are some of my tips for what to buy and what not to buy from Ezbuy/ Taobao. They are not comprehensible and are just for reference 🙂

Share with me your thoughts about your Taobao / Ezbuy experience!

With Love,


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Top 5 picks to wear your scarf this Christmas season

Hello there!

Some of you may be heading to countries like Korea/ Japan or countries that are having a winter season in December. So I’m going to share with you my top 5 favourite ways of wearing a scarf with my cardigan or trench coat for the cold season!

In summary, these are the TOP 5 styles I love.

1. The drape over

I call them the drape over. This is simple and nice if your scarf has a very nice design already. A plain tee underneath helps to accentuate its design. You can wear this style for typically any season as well.

The drape over

2. Round the neck

The chocker style. Simple, similar to the first design, but this design can keep your neck warm. More comfy and suitable for the cold weather.

Round the neck

3. The “W” shape

I find this design unique and unlike the first 2 designs where you would have the remaining long scarf still draping over your shoulders, this design keeps the scarf at the top. Perfect match with a long knit dress.

The “W” shape

4. The side scarf

Notice that the scarf is pointing towards one direction. This design is easy to achieve and best of all, fuss free!

The side scarf

5. The tie

This design is the most complicated of all as compared to the others. However, it is still pretty easy to master.

The tie

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Share with me how you match your clothes with any of the designs above. and other styles that I can further explore.

With love,


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The cheapest and most convenient way to lose fats

There are numerous ways to lose weight in the market. If you were to search “how to lose weight” on the internet, a range of slimming products might appear that guarantees you of high success rate. And suppose you don’t wish to spend any money on getting those slimming products, you would probably try to find ways that will help you to achieve weight loss.

Today I would share with you my thoughts and how I achieved weight loss in my teens without spending a single cent. I used to drink probably 3-4 cups of soybean drink every single day, munch on titbits everyday while watching the TV, well eat fried chicken and yep.. basically living “the life” that would probably cause me to have diabetes if I didn’t stop the amount of junk I was feeding my body with.

Somehow when I was fat, I don’t feel or think that I am fat. Or perhaps I just don’t care about about them. Then one fine day I decided to do something… wasn’t a life changing event that has caused me to make that decision, but I just decided to do something…different.

“Nobody can convince you better than yourself” (anonymous)

How I lost weight, simple.

  1. No sweet drinks
  2. No titbits
  3. No fried chicken
  4. Walk

That’s it.

I continue to eat 3 meals a day, I don’t reduce my usual carb intake. I continue to eat a standard average portion of spaghetti/ noodles/ rice per meal for lunch and dinner. This minor changes helped me to lose weight gradually at a healthy rate. I shed off roughly 8 kg within that year.

You might be wondering “Seriously? Walking helps?”, yes it does. But of course just 15 minutes of walking isn’t sufficient to burn any fats. The duration of the walk and speed of the walk is the factor that determines how much fat you burn.

Researchers from the University of Virginia found that women who walked at a fast pace lose 5 times more belly fat than those who walked at a moderate speed, even though both groups burned the same amount of calories.

To further up the game to burn more calories, use an incline and not hold on to the rails.

My exercise regime

I started off brisk walking twice a week for 30 minutes, then I moved on to walking consecutively for an hour and I slowly increased it to 2 hours.  Of course the duration and speed is based on each person’s capability. For beginners, I would recommend at least 30 minutes of fast walking (80-90 bpm) everyday.

You need to brisk walk/ fast walk at least 3-6 hours per week in order to burn fat.

Benefits of walking that no one has ever told you…

  1. If you are a weight lifter,  walking helps you to improve your physique without affecting your performance or gains.
  2. Helps you to recover from knee problems and other injuries.
  3. Walking helps you to increase blood flow.

Most importantly, don’t overdo it, try to stretch yourself a little more each day. Stop immediately if you start to see swelling or if you feel severe pain.

How to prepare?

Have a great pair of comfortable footwear. For me, I wear New Balance. I would suggest their Fresh Foam 1080 because it helps in stability and it has a high cushion to give that additional support.

When to walk?

An interesting study showed that men should exercise before eating the women should exercise after eating in order to burn the most fat. The next best time is anytime you can 🙂

Share with me how this regime has helped you.

With Love,


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Guide to planning a 21st Birthday Party on a budget

Birthday Parties



Fretting over the your 21st birthday party or the birthday party for your newborn?

Fret not, because I’ll share with you a tip or 2 in organizing a birthday party from my experience 🙂

I have always dream of having a birthday party that is surrounded by my loved ones. So it feels really great to finally realize this dream on my 21st birthday! Because I was determined to make this party a success, and to have everything I had dreamt of, I knew I had to do some serious planning early in order not to freak myself out as the date draws near…

Essentials for planning a birthday party:

  1. Plan in advance (preferably 6 months in advance)

It is always great to start early so that once you have a rough idea of what you want, you can start sourcing for them and look out for bargains *Winks*

Moreover, if you are thinking of holding the party in some function room or even hotels etc, you might have to book in advance and I think 6 months would do the job.

2. Have a To-Do-List:

“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.” Benjamin Franklin

Thus, that pretty much sums up why this to-do-list is so important. Together with the help of my boyfriend, we planned out the things that needs to be done and the timeline that those things needs to be confirmed by/ done with.

Things like:

a) The budget for this party

b) The date/day of the party

c) The list of people I am going to invite

d) The venue of the party

Then you can go on to the more detailed planning:

e) The theme of the party

f) The design of the cake

h) Food catering

i) Decorations for the party

j) Photo booth (optional)

k) Goodie bags (optional)

l) And essentially WHERE to get/buy all these deco items

Venue/day (~$10)

So I have decided to use a condo function room that was near my house and it’s very affordable too, like $5-10? I have also decided to hold the party on a Sunday night because most of my friends have commitments over the weekends and they are more free on Sunday nights. So, the day of your party should take into considerations these factors as well, if you wish for them to attend your party 🙂








I decided to have a pastel/pink theme so my balloons, cake and deserts have this tinge of pink element. It took me quite awhile to decide upon this theme!


Food (~700) for 80 pax

Some things you just got a spend a little more to beautify and add a plus point to the party! I had a desert table which contributed as part of my photograph booth as well. This concept of a desert table is very popular in the recent years and they help to bring out the entire theme of the party. I hired Mister & Mrs to do up the desert table for me with the specific deserts I wanted, together with the birthday cake. It was splendid! Saved me the hassle on sourcing different deserts and cake to match my theme. The food was really awesome and my friends had fun eating and decorating their own “ice-cream muffin” at my desert table.






Decorations (~$45)

I wanted a really popz deco that would look grand and at the same time, save costs. So I began looking online through websites like Taobao, Daiso, ArtFriend etc. but I couldn’t find something that had the “wow” element. Then I chanced upon the idea of using balloons for my party and found Partywholesale that had really nice balloons as backdrop, matches my theme and very affordable! So I purchased it right away.

With that being said, because it was affordable, I had the help of many friends in order to pump finish all the balloons for the party and it took us like 1-1.5 hours for the decorations.



Photography (~$150)

I hired Henzy David Photography to capture the beautiful moments of the party. It’s really once in a lifetime you get to celebrate your 21st right? So I had to document these precious moments down. Henzy did a really awesome job in capturing many candid moments of the party!


This is Henzy, my awesome photographer!



My lovely and spontaneous guitarist Leon


Emcee ($0)

I think the party would be very boring if it is just filled with food and picture taking, so I “hired” my dear boyfriend as the emcee/host for my party and he came out with a few games to keep the party fun. I also put up a song for my lovely guests that took time to come for my party.



Total Cost: ~$905

So I think the only way you can cut major costs is on food. So choose your caterer wisely! And always cater roughly 15-20 pax under your estimated total attendance! (Based on past experience) because your friends are most likely not going to eat A LOT!

The party turned out a success, thanks to my friends and family members that helped to put many things together too! Really not a feat to organizing a birthday party but I enjoyed planning everything and seeing it come to past! So, don’t fret if you are facing difficulties organizing a birthday party or if you have run out of creative ideas for the party! I think its worth investing in a birthday party organizer if you are not too sure of what you really want!

Rule of thumb: Plan early, save Money!

Share with me how you managed to plan your birthday party in the end! I hope this blog has given you a better idea what you need to plan for the party!

With Love,


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