The day I found my doppelgänger at Wild Wild Wet

Hello there!

Today I am going to share with you my virgin trip to the Wild Wild Wet! I know I’m a little “sua ku” but considering the fact that I live at the other side of Singapore all my life, the travelling time did made me contemplate whether it was worth it.

But after experiencing it myself, my verdict is: IT IS DEFINITELY WORTH MY TIME!

When I saw the campaign run by Wild Wild Wet- Seeing Double, I quickly grabbed my childhood friend along. We were super excited and even shopped together for matching clothes to dress for the occasion. We couldn’t wait to be part of the Singapore Book of Records for the ‘Largest Gathering of Dress Alike Duos’!

The perk of dressing alike is that we get to enter Wild Wild Wet for free and it’s double the fun for half the price at D’Resort, Orchid Bowl and eXplorerKid because we get to enjoy 50% discount for them!

Checkout the video below on our experiences:

Wild Wild Wet @ Downtown East recently completed its expansion to double its original size. Now, this place is approximately 4 hectares and they are house to 14 rides, with ‘The Woosh’ and ‘Royal Flush’ being the newest addition!

The Woosh

The Woosh.jpgImage by Wild Wild Wet

The first ride we tried was ‘The Woosh”. This was a ride/attraction that was newly launch in Wild Wild Wet. The Woosh is Singapore’s longest inflatable freestyle water slide, where guests can slide down the entire length of 50m from a height of 4.5m in almost any way possible. The dual lanes meant that my dear friend Lingling and I can compete with each other to see who can slide further!

The ride was exciting but I think that it could have been better if I could slide all the way to the end! Maybe my “general potential energy” wasn’t high enough or the friction wasn’t low enough to bring me all the way to the end of the slide haha. Hopefully the next time when I visit the attraction, I would be able to do that!

-More visuals in my video-

Let’s talk about my favourite ride/ attraction-



SONY DSCImages by Wild Wild Wet

I thought I nearly died because my heart totally dropped as I was dropped from a height of 18.7 metres (6 storeys) without any harness or support. I didn’t help to calm me down when I had to hear them playing “5, 4, 3, 2, 1, AHHHHH” followed by a Witch laugh, through a sound system while queuing for the ride. I guess the ride was really popular because of how thrilling it is. So, the queue was pretty long, I waited for like 15-20 minutes for my turn. You can imagine me hearing that ‘music’ playing from the sound system on replay for countless times… But I MUST ADMIT THAT IT WAS REALLY THRILLING AT THE MOMENT OF THE ‘DROP’! I came down so fast that I didn’t even had time to screem hahaha. This ride was my favourite 🙂

Royal Flush

Wild Wild Wet - Royal Flush (2)

Wild Wild Wet - Royal Flush 1Images by Wild Wild Wet

If you think that ‘ular-lah’ was fun, ‘Royal Flush’ is even better because there’s more twirl and swirl! Royal Flush is Asia’s first hybrid ride combining the Behemoth BOWL40 and TornadoWAVE – effectively combining two rides into one unique experience. This is my second favourite and this is also a new key attraction that was opened in March this year!

Kids Zone

Wild Wild Wet - Kidz Zone (1)

Wild Wild Wet - Kidz Zone (2)

Wild Wild Wet - Kidz Zone (3)Images by Wild Wild Wet

For younger kids, there is the Kidz Zone, a set of 5 miniature rides and slides that are suitable for kids. I really love their kids zone! How I wish I had this when I was young, I bet I’ll ask my parents to bring me here often! These rides are specially catered to kids and families and I love how colours of these slides are so vibrant!

The prices of the admission tickets are as follows:

Wild Wild Wet Admission

Category Off-Peak

(Weekdays, except Gazetted School & Public Holidays)


(Saturday, Sunday & Weekdays of Gazetted School Holidays)  

Super Peak

(Gazetted Public Holidays & Weekends of Gazetted School Holidays)

Adult (13 yrs & above)


Public: $20 NTUC Member: $14 $26

NTUC members receive $5 WWW voucher


NTUC members receive $5 WWW voucher

Child (3 – 12 yrs)

Senior Citizen (55 years old & above) nEbO member 

Public: $14 NTUC Member: $10 Public: $19

NTUC members receive $3 WWW voucher

Public: $22 NTUC members receive $3 WWW voucher
Family Package

(2 Adults & 2 Children)

Public: $62

NTUC Member: $47

Public: $82

NTUC members receive $12 WWW voucher

Public: $96

NTUC members receive $12 WWW voucher

U Live Member / Pioneer Generation / Toddler

(Below 3 yrs old)

Free Free  Free

I can’t wait to visit Wild Wild Wet again, now that there is this campaign going on!

Dress identically and you will get to enjoy the perks below:

Seeing Double-Microsite-01-FA

I am definitely grabbing that 50% off stays at D’Resort since it’s the June holidays, with 387 rooms available and 9 different room types to cater to the budget and occasion, comprising of chalet units to suites, I’m sure that I’ll be able to find one that will suit my needs!

This will be the perfect staycation away from the hectic city life!

Don’t forget to grab a friend to enjoy these perks from 4 June-30 July 2017! Share this with your friends and loved ones! #Don’tsaybojio.

What’s more?

Take part in the Twin & Win contest on instagram and stand a chance to win a 2D1N Staycation package at D’Resort with many more! Contest runs from 4 June till 30 June 2017 (1st run) or till 31 July (2nd run).

1. Snap a wefie with your twinning buddy or family with matching outfits

2. Upload it onto Instagram and hashtag #SeeingDoubleSG

Top 3 most creative photo/video entries submitted will win.

Top 3 most creative entires will be contacted on Instagram via PM within a week after contest closes for each run. Remember to keep your profile PUBLIC for the duration of the contest!


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I didn’t know that I was neglecting my skin health until…

Hello there!

Today I’m sharing a little insight into my skin health. Recently because of my work, I had to stay up late at night, sometimes surviving only on less than 6 hours of sleep before the next cycle comes again.

This really took a toll on my skin health. I could see dark eye circles slowly emerging and my skin became very listless and dull.

I didn’t know that I was neglecting my skin health until I realise that I could no longer go out of my house with my bare face.

My usual makeup routine could no longer support “this kind of lifestyle” that I was having. That’s when I realise that I desperately need a foundation and concealer that is more hydrating and one that can brighten up my skin so that I’m ready to hit the street with that makeup on.

I found this Bourjois Healthy Mix Anti-Fatigue Foundation at the local drugstore, Watsons.

File_000 (14)

I am using the lightest shade, shade 51, light vanilla. This is a liquid foundation and it leaves a nice semi-matte finish when applied. I really like how it brightens up my face, leaving a healthy-looking complexion with that radiant glow. This foundation is super light weight and I totally didn’t feel like I had any makeup on when I applied it on my face.

The foundation states that it could last up till 16 hours of coverage, I would safely say that it lasted for at least 10 hours for me.

Before and after

The results are very visible. You can see that my skin is brighter and more radiant in the second picture.

I also found this Healthy Mix Anti-Fatigue Concealer. I am using the lightest shade, shade 51, light as well. I like how it is easy to use because of the applicator and how the concealer glides easily on my face, leaving a smooth silky finish. And because of the light-reflecting pigments, it leaves a a flawless and undetectable finish. The concealer was able to cover up not only my dark eye circles but also my acne marks/scars.

Before and after

Not sure if you can see from the photos, but it blends really well with my skin.

I am really pleased with what I have found and I hope that this solves your problem as well if you have dull and listless looking skin like me!

They are really affordable and value for money.

The foundation is available in 6 shades, ranging from:

51 Light Vanilla

52 Vanilla

53 Light Beige

54 Beige

55 Dark Beige

56 Light Bronze

And it is only selling @ $29.90 (30ml each)

There are 3 radiant shades for their concealer:

51 Light

52 Medium

53 Dark

And they are selling @ $17.50 (7.5ml)

These products are available at all major Watsons and departmental stores. Do check them out and share with me if it works well for you!

I have also done a no makeup, makeup look using these 2 products to show you how I would do my everyday makeup and the vast difference before and after applying Bourjois foundation and concealer.

Don’t forget to like or share this post to your loved ones who needs some help with their skin!


For more details about the products, check out BourjoisSG Facebook page at:

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