Gifts you can give on Valentines day on a budget

Hey everyone!

It is the season of love again and females and males alike may be busy finding the perfect gift for your partner! I have given listed some gift ideas for her below.

For Her

Below $50

  1. A meal at a quite fancy restaurant
  2. A dress / skirt / blouse
  3. Makeup
  4. Skincare products
  5. Books
  6. A bouquet of flowers (with only 3 stalk of roses and some babies breath)

Below $30

  1. An ok restaurant
  2. Makeup brush
  3. Nail polish
  4. Skincare products
  5. Books
  6. Accessories

Below $10

  1. Hawker centre food
  2. A stalk of flower (If you are lucky and they don’t mark up the price
  3. Accessories


  1. Call her during office hours to tell her “I love you”
  2. Pick her up from her work place after work before heading for dinner together
  3. Compliment her on her outfit
  4. Offer to send her home after dinner
  5. Shower her with kisses
  6. Give her a surprise
  7. Give her a card and pen your love for her
  8. Allow her to take as many pictures she wants with you

Trusts me, sometimes what a woman wants is not expensive. She looks at the heart more than anything else. As long as she feels your affection and love towards her, valentines day is complete. In fact, everyday is a valentines day. Share with me how you are spending your valentines day/ friendship day with your loved one! If you like this post, do click like and share it with your friends!

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Saturday brunch at Level 33


Headed down to level 33 for a Saturday brunch. I was really excited how the food would taste and the awesome view that awaits!

Level 33 is famous for their craft brew and their Wheat Beer are brewed based on heritage recipes applying state-of-the-art technology by SALM & Co GmbH, one of Europe’s oldest manufacturer of breweries. They are located at level 33 of the Marina Bay Financial Centre (MBFC) Tower 1, the heart of the business district.

When I wanted to take the lift up to the restaurant, I realize that once you press the button to go to level 33 from the outside, you don’t have to press it again inside the lift. There is practically no buttons inside the lift!


Freshly brewed beer.

Once you reach the restaurant, you will be greeted with their friendly waiter/waitress and the next thing you would see is their gigantic copper brew house kettles.


Copper Brew House Kettles



Foie gras, for all the fois gras lovers.


img_3131We had a buffet spread to choose from.

The buffet table was too long to capture with my camera 🙂 but I really love their sweet treats display.


We ordered the wheat beer to try. Tasted really smooth.


Satisfied faces.


Smoked salmon! My favourite.

We went out for a short walk to see the views before desert time.

The view outside was pretty breath taking. You can overlook the different financial institutions, the Singapore Flyer (Ferris wheel ), the esplanade, The Float (Marina Bay floating platform), the Marina Bay Sand (MBS) and the Marina Bay Sand hotel. Pretty sure the night view would be quite awesome as well when they are lighted up.


You can choose to sit at the high chairs outside as well for the views.



How could we resist some sweet treats!


Calories and sugar overload, but its worth it! 🙂


Nom Nom… Munch Munch…

The price for this buffet is worth it for its food, brewery and the amazing views! Great location for birthday or anniversary celebrations.

Share with me your views about this place and their food!

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