The sacrifice of a mother

Hi there,

It’s been a while since I last blogged.

Sorry for the infrequent blog entries because I am still adapting to adulthood and working as a teacher. Life as a teacher is no easy feat at all! Although I must admit that it is very fulfilling especially you see your lower progress pupils improve, I think I kinda overworked myself recently.

Sometimes I just feel a little bad because I don’t get to spend as much time with my boyfriend, family and my ministry friends. But I thank God that they are really understanding and supportive of my dreams.

I realise that amidst the busyness, I miss spending time with my family the most. I miss the home cooked dishes by my mum like the old cucumber soup, egg fried rice with shrimps and not to forget the lotus soup with peanuts and pork. After a long day at work, I would always look forward having home-cooked meals like this that would be waiting for me at home. It’s wasn’t just about the food, but it’s about appreciating the love and effort put into the preparation of these meals.

I remember the days when I was younger where I would always pester my mum to walk me to the bus stop in the morning at 6.a.m as I was afraid of the dark. I remember clinging on to my mum and holding on to her hands while she walked me to the bus stop to wait for the school bus. Some kids around my age were rather independent and they would ask their parents to do that until they reach upper primary. But for me, somehow this morning routine lasted all the way till I finished my Junior College. I didn’t know how to appreciate how much she has contributed for the family when she had to juggle both work and household chores until now when I started work and I realised that having to do the household chores after work can be very tough when you are already tired after a long day at work.

Mummy I just want to say that I love you and thank you for the sacrifice you have made to the family. I appreciate you and your love for the family every single day and not just on Mothers’ Day. Being able to spend more time with you and loving you is my greatest honour.


With Love,






Children Little Museum Singapore

Kampong Glam

Took a ride down to Bugis MRT station after my exams today and I wanted to explore what Kampong Glam has to offer. The Malay word “Kampung” means village in English. This place used to be allocated by Sir Stamford Raffles in 1822 to the Malay community, Arabs and bugis traders.

The first architecture structure that caught my eye was this Sultan Mosque also known as the Masjid Sultan. It looks really magnificent.


Distinctive golden dome-shaped top


Stole a shot at its gate

While exploring down the street of Bussorah, I found this really quaint shop and museum, known as the Children Little Museum with many retro stuff like toys that kids in the 1970s used to play.


Greeted by this robot outside the shop.


Check out this retro Vespa bike

The shop keeper, Mr. Ann was really kind and allowed me to snap many pictures inside the museum.



Fulfilled my dream as a singing diva for a day.


They even have this retro sofa at the backyard!


Peranakan ceramic wares. Reminds me of the Little Nyonya by Mediacorp.


Do I look more like a Nyonya with this Kebaya?


 They sell Sarees too, other than the Kebaya.


I have also learnt a trick or two on the different ways you can tie a saree.


 The dress on the mannequin beside me was sewn by Mr. Ann himself!

Enough of introduction about the level 1 of this museum. Let me show you its level 2. It costs only $2 and you get to see many antiques and reminisce how life could be like in the past!



Walk up the stairs that brings you back to the past.


“ALL MINE”HAHA because Ah Seng is my father’s name. What a coincidence!


They even show you how does school looks like in the past. Looks 100% legit.


This was how a makeshift street barber shop looks like in the past.


HMM… what hairstyle should I cut?


I love how unique these items are. It must be really hard to collect and find these items these days.



Drink stall girl for a day?


Exciting museum isn’t it?

This Children Little Museum is located at 42 Bussorah Street, a few shops beside the Sultan Mosque. Definitely a museum not to be missed! Just $2 for so much fun! Fun as a dating spot and an outing as a family to reminisce the good ol’ days!

Share with me how was your experience at the museum, would be glad to hear about your trip!

So, Snap away!

With Love,


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